The 5th General Assembly of AMF (Turkiye/Gaziantep)-2018

We, the mayors and city leaders convened in the 5th Conference of General Assembly of the Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) on 30 November and 1 December 2018, hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep in collaboration with the Union of Municipalities of Turkey,
Considering the path already taken and activities so far carried out, including the conferences held in Tehran, Istanbul, Bangkok and Haikou, and emphasizing the continued relevance of the final Declarations adopted therein;
Emphasizing the crucial role of municipalities in enhancing the quality of life, realizing sustainable economic growth and promoting good governance at local, national and regional levels;
Being cognizant of the persistent common challenges defying effective urban management including rapid urbanization, urban inequity and poverty, vulnerable socio-cultural identity, poor conditions of health and safety, uneasy transportation and mobility, environmental degradation, natural disasters, inefficient energy consumption, infrastructure; and unsustainable financial resources;

Recognizing the increasing importance of networking among Asian cities to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences related to sustainable urban development;
Emphasizing the need for expanding collaboration with relevant regional and international organizations;
Expressing gratitude to the city of Gaziantep and H.E. Ms. Fatma Shahin, Mayor of Gaziantep and the 5th term President of the AMF, for their generous hospitality accorded to all participants during the meeting;
Thanking Mr. Goshtasb Mozafari, AMF Secretary General and the team of Permanent Secretariat of AMF in Tehran for doing the preparatory work including documentation and logistics and holding the event;
Recalling the vision of “Asia for citizens, better city, better life” and mindful of the meaningful theme of the 5th AMF Conference, naming: Smart, Resilient and Livable Asian Cities and the discussions in the technical sessions,
• Emphasize the imperative of work of the AMF Committee on Urban Traffic and Transportation and the formation of the three specialized committees on:
o 1-1 Smart Cities
o 1-2 Resilient Cities
o 1-3 Livable Cities
• While inviting member cities to participate in the said Committees, mandate the AMF Secretariat to plan effectively for holding their annual sessions, arranging for relevant training workshops, establishing a network for exchanging information and experience; and to report to the AMF Executive Board annual meetings as well as the General Assembly Conference in 2021.
• Express our appreciation to the city of Bangkok for announcing its preparedness to host the 4th session of the Traffic and Transportation Committee.
• Support the joint proposal by the representatives of the Municipality and the City Council of Tehran to establish AMF Women Network. This new network will aim to help to empower women and to expand their participation in the fields of policy-making, planning and overseeing local affairs along the line of removing gender discrimination. The network will also work towards facilitating the exchange of information, sharing experiences and best practices among women involved in urban management and local governance, including mayors and city councilors and officials as well as city experts and entrepreneurs across Asian cities within the framework of the AMF mandates.
• In view of the pivotal role of city elected officials including members of councils and municipal associations, support the joint proposal by the representatives of the Municipality and the City Council of Tehran to establish AMF Network of City Councilors in the framework of the AMF mandate. The aim of this network is to facilitate cooperation, interaction and exchange of views and experience among city councils and municipal associations in the framework of their duties and responsibilities.
• Pursuant to the previous AMF final Declarations, emphasize the need for special attention and the development of mechanisms to facilitate timely contact and interaction among the AMF Secretariat, Asian cities and other contacts and counterparts; and proper operation of the website and virtual social networks.
• Mandate the AMF to plan and establish an annual award, in consultation and cooperation with member city officials and other advisors and specialists, to recognize the outstanding works of Asian Mayors towards creating a better environment for citizens in Asian cities, implementing the objectives referred to in the previous final Declarations as well as towards advancing the ideals of the Asian integration; and submitting its report to the meeting of the Executive Board in 2019.
• Call upon all member cities and city officials to contribute, in a meaningful and effective manner, in the development of the programs and activities of the AMF and the realization of its objectives, in any possible way, including timely payment of membership fees; voluntary contributions; hosting events, General Assemblies and specialized meetings of the AMF; and the maintenance of constructive and continuous communication and interaction with the Secretariat to demonstrate their attachment and support to the goals and aspirations of the AMF. Achieving agreement and consensus of members on material and spiritual support from the Secretariat will make it more effective in fulfilling missions and realizing the aspirations of the AMF.