About Asian Mayors Forum

Who we are?

Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to expand and exalt the relations and cooperation between mayors and city managers in Asia. AMF aims at help cities develop urban and public diplomacy, knowledge exchange, technical know-how and experiences of urban management as well as specialized cooperation between members and also strengthen the integration between the Asian cities, mayors and citizens toward a better life.
AMF was created by the initiative of Tehran Municipality and support of the Asian Governments and Parliaments and its first official meeting conducted in 2008 coincided with the inauguration of Milad Tower in Tehran hosted by Tehran Municipality with attendance of more than 100 mayors and urban managers.

Our Committees

Smart and Innovative Cities

Public Participation and Social Responsibility

Livability and Urban Resilience

Environment and Urban Health

Urban Economy and Entrepreneurship

Culture and Urban Tourism

Our Networks

Youth, Family and Women

City Councilors

Urban Research & Innovation

Our Motto

Asia for citizens, Integration for a better life!