About the event

Cities serve as crucial hubs for the daily lives, work, and activities of billions of people worldwide. The growing global population and heightened risks stemming from human activities have given rise to numerous problems and challenges in the daily lives of urban dwellers, disrupting sustainable and balanced development in urban environments.
The first innovation challenge event in Asian cities strives to engage citizens across this vast continent, harnessing their innovation and creativity to address urban challenges. This event not only seeks to support the business environment in this domain but also aims to assist cities in solving small and medium-scale challenges, contributing to their overall development.



  • Individuals or groups with initial ideas
  • Newcomers or newly-formed groups
  • Individuals eager to learn essential teamwork skills
  • Individuals looking to enter new businesses


  • Small groups with a defined idea
  • Those interested in mastering a robust and effective presentation method
  • Individuals or teams lacking an initial product
  • Individuals or teams lacking a specific business plan and growth model
  • Those aiming to attract accelerators


  • Start-up businesses with modest initial capital
  • Individuals or teams with a known target market
  • Individuals or teams with a specific business plan and growth model
  • Individuals or teams seeking to attract capital and investors
  • Those looking to develop the target market and increase product sales

Urban Challenges

Cities throughout Asia have identified a range of small to medium-scale challenges across various sectors, shared with the secretariat of the Asian Mayors Forum. Now, it’s your opportunity to contribute solutions to these challenges using your ideas, designs, and products, and become part of the urban business landscape. Upon registration, our trainers will furnish participants with a comprehensive list of identified urban challenges.

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Event Process

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What participants event will receive

  • Top teams
  • All Participants








Minimum rewarded capital:$50000


Minimum rewarded capital:$50000

Event Program


Early birds Registration

Registration Fee: $ 100

Registration Deadline: March 20, 2024
(Applicants may qualify for a full grants)

Regular Registration

Registration Fee: $ 150

Registration Deadline: April 5, 2024
(Applicants may qualify for a full grant)

Late Registration

Registration Fee: $ 200

Registration Deadline: April 20, 2024

Special discount for group registration

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Ali A.Alraouf

Prof. of Architecture and Urbanism
Doha, Qatar

Ar.Rajendra Kumar

Architect, Urban Designer, Curator
New Delhi, India

Mahdi Ghaemi Nia

Innovation, Smartification, & Digital technologies

Katayoun Sepehri

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Advisor

Sina Ataee

Urban Innovation
CESAM & DAO University of Aveiro, Portugal

Navid Falahat

Innovative Project Developer and Designer

Soroush Baghban

Urban Innovation Researcher and Facilitator

Afshin Khaki

Local Business Development Manager

Vira Ameli

Evidence-based health and social policy

Mehdi Parvin

Patent Analysis

Sara Salimi Namin

Technology and Innovation Management, and Inventive Problem Solving

Farshad Hagh-Panah

Startup Administration, Startup Finance, and Wealth Management

Soheil Abbasi

Board member & Deputy for Innovation, HamAva Innovation Factory




Hamidreza Gholamzadeh

Secretary General, Asian Mayors Forum

Saeid Zahedi

Head of Scientific & Training Workgroup

Amir Tajkhah

Head of Investment Workgroup

Zahra Golmohammadi

Head of Planning Workgroup

Alireza Abbasian

Head of Executive Workgroup

Sina Hashemi Aghdam

Head of Branding Workgroup

Arash Sorouri


Mahshid Taghikhani

Participants Affairs






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Frequently Asked Questions

About the event

Our event will commence on the morning of Wednesday, April 24, 2024, with an introductory program and will conclude with the closing program on the night of Friday, April 26, 2024.
Participants coming from other cities and countries should plan their arrival accordingly to ensure attendance at the event introduction meeting on the morning of Wednesday, April 24.

Yes, registration is open for both individuals and groups across all three sections.

Absolutely, this event is international, welcoming innovative individuals, groups, and businesses from across Asia to participate.

Certainly, participants will receive an international bilingual certificate accredited by the Asian Mayors Forum and international organizations collaborating in organizing this event.

No, there are no age or educational restrictions for participation in this event. All citizens with ideas, products, or businesses will have the opportunity to participate, provided they are initially accepted.

No, the main language is Farsi. However, translators will be available for foreign participants, and all organizing teams are proficient in English. It’s also recommended that participants have a basic understanding of English to enhance their experience and interaction with other foreign attendees.

Accommodation, Meals and Transportation

No, accommodation will be provided by the event organizers from April 23 to April 27, 2024, for all participants.

Snapp (an Iranian ride-sharing application) will provide transportation to your accommodation from all terminals using the discount code #incitySW1. Additionally, regular transportation will be available from the accommodation to the event venue, and the opening and closing ceremonies, throughout the event.

Yes, the organizer provides all meals during the event. We accommodate various dietary needs, so please inform us of any restrictions or food allergies during registration.

Registration Fee and Grant

This event offers you the chance to showcase your ideas to city officials and investors from across Asia, presenting your concepts, designs, or products on an international platform. Moreover, you’ll collaborate with participants from various countries, fostering an exchange of experiences and ideas.

The registration fee includes accommodation for four days and four nights, meals and snacks, access to workshops, mentorship sessions, additional programs, and any necessary tools required for participation in the event.

A limited number of grants are available for deserving participants, awarded based on meeting the conditions outlined in the registration form.

A full grant covers all expenses related to the event, including travel and registration fees, while an entrance grant only covers the registration fees.

Other questions

While some basic supplies like mugs, note sheets, and stationery will be provided, it’s advisable to bring your own personal computer, charger, and any other necessary devices.

You can apply for a visa to Iran online on its website. Many nationalities do not need a visa and can travel to Iran without visa or by acquiring visa upon arrival at the airport. You can check visa requirements or apply for visa here.