• Country: Iran
  • City: Zahedan
  • Population: 770,800
  • Area: 36,581 km2
Mohammad Amir Barahoei

Mayor: Mohammad Amir Barahoei

Mohammad Amir Brahui was elected as the new mayor of Zahedan with 11 votes of members of the Islamic Council of Zahedan. Mohammad Amir Brahui, born in 1360, with a master's degree in geography and urban planning, is the representative of non-governmental organizations of Sistan and Baluchistan in the Ministry of Interior and the Board of Governors of Native and Local Sports of the province. The new mayor already has the presidency of the Zahedan city council in the fourth term, the deputy of urban services, the deputy mayor and the supervision of the municipality of Zahedan.

Membership in the executive board:

Zahedan city with an area of 36581 square kilometers is located in the north of Sistan and Baluchistan province and the distance from the city center to the center of the province is 0 km. This city has 3 urban centers, 4 districts, 8 rural areas, and 1012 villages. Natural features: elevations, roofs, aqueducts, wells, and springs (both seasonal and non-seasonal), the source of the river, and the end of Lar, Umar, Keche Rood, and Ladiz River are located in this city. Water supply sources and catchment area and river network: The city is supplied by 1493 wells, 411 aqueducts, and 176 springs with a flow rate of 251 million cubic meters, entering the houses of Lar, Umar, Mahi, and Vladizukche rivers with an average annual flow of 8 million cubic meters. Climate: Zahedan city has a hot and dry desert climate. The average annual rainfall in this city is 72 mm, and the average temperature in 82 varies from 42.5 to 12.6 degrees Celsius. Language and religion: People of Zahedan city speak Balochi dialect, Persian and local dialects are also common. In this city, 99.83% of its population are Shia/Sunni Muslims.