• Country: Iraq
  • City: Najaf
  • Population: 675,000
  • Area: km2
Abu Daei Abdul Saheb Tador Al Khalidi

Mayor: Abu Daei Abdul Saheb Tador Al Khalidi

Najaf (Madinah Al-Najaf / Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf) is in the country of Iraq.
The tomb of Imam Ali (AS), the fourth caliph of Sunnis and the first Imam of Shiites, is located in this city.
This city is considered one of the holiest cities of Shiites and the center of political power of Shiites in Iraq.
Najaf is a destination for pilgrims and those interested in religious sciences.
For a long time, this city has been on the route of caravans to Mecca and Medina by land to perform Hajj rituals.
The seminary of this city is one of the oldest seminaries which, according to historical reports, was built by Sheikh Tusi in the 5th century AH.
This city is the third most religious city in the Islamic world.