• Country: Iran
  • City: Mashhad
  • Population: 3,600,650
  • Area: km2
Mohammad reza Qalandar Sharif

Mayor: Mohammad reza Qalandar Sharif

Mohammadreza Qalandar Sharif, the mayor of Mashhad, was issued a decree by the interior minister and he was officially introduced as the mayor of Mashhad. Previously, he worked as an adviser to the mayor of Mashhad, the mayor of the second region, the general director of roads and urban development of Khorasan, Razavi and Qom provinces, and the deputy minister of roads and urban development.

Membership in the executive board:

Mashhad is a metropolis in northeastern Iran and the capital of Razavi Khorasan province. This city was the capital of Iran during the Afsharian dynasty. With 13 urban districts and an urban area of 351 square kilometers, Mashhad is the third largest city in Iran after Tehran (with a city area of 735 square kilometers) and Isfahan (with an urban area of 551 square kilometers). Also, according to the general population and housing census of 2015, Mashhad with a population of 3,001,184 is the second most populous city in Iran after Tehran and the 95th most populous city in the world. This city receives more than 27 million pilgrims from within the country and two million pilgrims from abroad every year due to the presence of the shrine of Ali bin Musa al-Reza, the eighth Imam of the Shia religion.