• Country: Russia
  • City: Kazan
  • Population: 1,243,500
  • Area: 425 km2
Ilsur Metshin

Mayor: Ilsur Metshin

Since 1998 he was Mayor of Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsky District and chairman of the Nizhnekamsk Council. Since 2005 November 17 he is the Mayor of Kazan, [1] replacing Kamil Iskhakov. On September 4, 2015 he was selected as the new president of FC Rubin Kazan Ilsur Raisovich Metshin (Russian: Ильсур Раисович Metshin; Tatar: Ilsur Rāis улы Metshin; born April 24, 1969) is a Russian politician of Tatar descent. He was born in Nizhnekamsk

Membership in the executive board:

Kazan is the largest city and capital of Russian Tatarstan. The city is located at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers and covers an area of 425.3 km (164.2 sq mi), with a population of over 1.3 million people, with nearly 2 million in the larger metropolitan area. Area. Kazan is the fifth largest city in Russia, the most populous city in the Volga, as well as in the Volga Federal District. In 1920, after the Russian SFSR became part of the Soviet Union, Kazan became the capital of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Tatar ASSR). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazan remained the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan