• Country: Iran
  • City: Karaj
  • Population: 1,363,034
  • Area: 13 km2
Mehrdad Kiyani

Mayor: Mehrdad Kiyani

Born in 1356 in Tehran, he is an Iranian politician and executive director who was appointed as the head of Karaj Municipality on 17 September 1401 by the Karaj City Council with 11 out of 13 votes. Kayani was officially appointed as the mayor of Karaj on 19 November 1401 by the Minister of Interior Ahmad Vahidi.

Membership in the executive board:

Karaj is the capital of Alborz province, the center of Karaj city, and the fourth most populous city in Iran after Tehran, Mashhad, and Isfahan. Karaj is also the 22nd most populated metropolis in the Middle East; this city is also the closest metropolis to the capital of Iran, Tehran. Karaj is located in the foothills of Central Alborz with an area of 160 square kilometers. Karaj was part of Tehran province before the formation of Alborz province in 2009; With the formation of Alborz province, Karaj became the capital of Alborz province. This city is very suitable for immigration due to its convenient geographical location, industrial towns, economic situation, and proximity to the Tehran metropolis. After Tehran, Karaj is the largest immigrant-friendly city in Iran, and for this reason, it has been nicknamed “Little Iran”. Also, the population of this city is younger than other big cities in Iran, and it has the highest rate of birth rate. This city has one of the highest population growth among Iranian metropolises with an annual population growth of 4.7%. Mehrshahr, Gohardasht, Azimieh, and Jahanshahr can be mentioned among the prominent and important neighborhoods of Karaj.