• Country: Iran
  • City: Hamedan
  • Population: 554,000
  • Area: 4,118 km2
Seyyed Masoud Hosseini

Mayor: Seyyed Masoud Hosseini

Bachelor of Public Administration, Payam Noor University Master of Political Science, University of Tehran, PhD in Public Policy, University of Tehran Background : in Bank branch of Keshavarz Manager in Director General of Keshavarz Bank branch affairs Deputy Hamedan , Hamedan province province Hamadan in Keshavarz Bank branches of Management bank of Keshavarz of provincial affairs The deputy

Membership in Committees:

Membership in the executive board:

Hamedan is one of the metropolises of Iran in the western and mountainous region of Iran and the center of Hamedan city and province. This city is located on the slopes of Alvand mountain at an altitude of 1,741 meters above sea level and is considered one of the coldest cities in Iran. Hamadan is the oldest city in Iran and one of the oldest cities in the world. Hamedan was the first capital of the first Iranian empire, the Medes. However, the oldest works found from the Hegmetane ancient site and the Ganjnameh inscriptions are from the Achaemenid period. Also, this city was one of the capitals of the country during the Achaemenid, Ashkan, Sassanian, Al-Buye and Seljuk periods.