• Country: Iran
  • City: Gorgan
  • Population: 350,676
  • Area: 1,700 km2
Mohammad Reza Seyed Alangi

Mayor: Mohammad Reza Seyed Alangi

Membership in the executive board:

Gorgan, the capital of Golestan province, is one of the provinces adjacent to the Caspian Sea, and for this reason, it has a mild climate and beautiful forests. The city of Gorgan and its surrounding area, which has been officially known as Golestan province since the middle of 1376, has been known as Gorgan and Dasht since January 1, 1311. The majority of the population of Gorgan city are Persian-speaking people, Gorganis, Sadat Estrabadi, Maznis, Baluchs, Sistanis, Azeris, a number of Turkmens, a small group of Kazakh immigrants and immigrants from other provinces of the country such as Semnan, Khorasan and among the people living in this city.