• Country: Iran
  • City: Fardis
  • Population: 723,185
  • Area: km2
Mohammad Reza Ahmadi Nejad

Mayor: Mohammad Reza Ahmadi Nejad

Bachelor of Civil Engineering of Officer Inspection , Organization Construction Officer of Passenger Terminals Officer Inspection , Field Deputy Technical Organization Renovation and Construction of Commission Karaj Delivery Major 's of Mayor Member consultant selection committee consultant selection committee the the of of secretary secretary the the , the, the intersections intersections level level --non non of of general manager general manager the the traffic transport and transport and and the acting deputy of and the acting deputy of deputy deputy technical technical civil civil the the of of deputy deputy

Membership in the executive board:

Fardis is the center of Fardis city in Alborz province. Fardis is bordered by Karaj from the north, Mallard from the south, Shahriar from the east, and Meshkin Dasht from the west.