District 5 of Tehran Municipality

District 5 of Tehran Municipality
  • Country: Tehran
  • City: District 5 of Tehran Municipality
  • Population: 856,565
  • Area: 54 km2
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District 5 of Tehran Municipality is located in the northwest of Tehran. Before the formation of District 22 of Tehran, District 5 was considered the westernmost limit of Tehran. The area that once formed the green villages on the outskirts of Tehran, which due to its location in the foothills with favorable climate, convenient access, distinctive urban structure, and many other factors, caused the largest population and body growth in this area during the past two decades. This area, with an approximate area of 28.54 square kilometers, has a population of 856,565 people. The boundaries of this area in the divisions of Tehran are as follows: From the north to the northern heights of Tehran From the east to Ayatollah Ashrafi Esfahani-Mohammed Ali Jinnah highway From the south to the special road to Karaj From the west to Mesil Region 5 is adjacent to region 2 from the east, adjacent to region 9 from the south, and adjacent to regions 21 and 22 from the west. According to the internal divisions of the municipality, in the current situation, the 5th region consists of 7 districts and 29 neighborhoods. Among the seven districts of the region, District 3 with the largest area consists of 8 neighborhoods, and District 5 with the smallest area consists of 3 neighborhoods.