• Country: Iraq
  • City: Baghdad
  • Population: 8,126,755
  • Area: 5,169 km2
 Ammar Musa Kazem

Mayor: Ammar Musa Kazem

Engineer Ammar Musa Kazem was appointed as Iraq's Deputy Minister of Oil in 2003 and then served as Iraq's Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development. He also worked as the head of the Baghdad Urban Development Organization. In addition, Engineer Ammar Musa Kazem was appointed as the deputy mayor of Baghdad in 2014 and was elected as the mayor of Baghdad in 2018. He is active in various fields such as urban development, improvement of urban services, waste management and development of public transportation system in Baghdad.

Membership in the executive board:

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and the second largest city in the Arab world after Cairo. This city is the capital of Baghdad province and the largest city in Iraq, It is located in the geographical center of Iraq by the Tigris River. Baghdad is one of the historical and cultural cities in the Arab world. Baghdad province is located in the central part of Iraq and is bordered by Diyala provinces from the east, Wasit and Babol provinces from the south, Anbar province from the west, and Salah al-Din provinces from the north.