• کشور: ترکیه
  • شهر: Antalya
  • جمعیت: 2,328,555 نفر
  • مساحت: 1,417 کیلومترمربع
Muhittin Böcek

شهردار: Muhittin Böcek

Muhittin Böcek was born in Antalya in 1965. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. Prior to becoming mayor, Böcek held various positions within the Antalya municipality, including Deputy Undersecretary for Construction and Urban Planning. About the mayor Muhittin Böcek, the current mayor of Antalya, is an energetic and proactive individual with a strong focus on urban development and tourism. During his term as mayor, he has implemented numerous infrastructure projects in the city, including: • Expansion of urban infrastructure, such as the construction of highways, bridges, and parks • Revitalization of the historical city center, including the restoration of the Kaleici walls • Tourism development, such as the construction of new hotels and leisure facilities

Antalya is the fifth-most populous city in Turkey and the capital of tourism. Located on Anatolia’s southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains. Antalya, embraced by the Mediterranean, is a sun-kissed tapestry of ancient walls and glittering resorts. Azure waters beckon, a playground for exploration and serenity.