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Strategic plan

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Mission, Vision & Values

By relying on the capacities of the ancient, vast, diverse and rich continent of Asia; By relying on the contexts and background of historical, civilizational, cultural, social, political and economic commonalities, By taking advantage of opportunities achieved as a result of the development of urbanization and expansion of Asian metropolises, In line with the slogan “Asia for the Citizens -Integration for Better Life”; By relying on the ideal explicitly underlined in the constitution and the perspective for establishing the Asian Mayors Forum based on “creation and development of convergence and cooperation among Asian cities for helping provide a better life for the people of this continent”; By understanding the necessity and importance of the role-playing, the capabilities, and capacities of cities and urban managers in creating and expanding international relations and urban diplomacy; By taking advantage of the information and the knowledge obtained and the results of the survey of the opinion of AMF members;

By taking advantage of the information and the knowledge obtained and the results of the survey of the opinion of AMF members; By understanding the common responsibility of the mayors and local Asian managers in addressing common challenges and crises; We, the mayors, the managers and agents of the local Asian urban management and governance, seek to: Cooperate within the framework of the “Asian Mayors Forum” to achieve safer, more sustainable, more resilient, greener, cleaner, smoother, smarter, more prosperous and more livable cities; Create an active, effective and structured interactive network and collaboration by mayors to better manage cities; Serve as a platform to echo the voice of Asian citizens and cities to other cities around the world; Strengthen cooperation, communication, and cohesion among Asian city managers; Develop the agenda of regional and international organizations by supporting local authorities and providing the services needed by citizens; Provide the grounds for participation and learning from each other of the members and create a smart and dynamic space for sharing useful experiences of the members in the field of urban management.


  • Encouraging and developing convergence and cooperation among cities, mayors, local governments and city managers members of the Forum
  • Developing scientific, research and educational activities to empower and increase skills of the members in the field of urban management
  • Strengthening relations and cooperation within the Asian Mayors Forum and other national and international organizations and groupings active in the field of urban management.
  • Strengthening financial, economic and executive infrastructure of the Secretariat of the Asian Mayors Forum as the beating heart of the organization,
  • Strengthening the organizational brand and developing communications, dissemination of information and advertisement to demonstrate the achievements of the Forum, cities and urban managers throughout the Asian continent
  • Continuous planning, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Asian Mayors Forum to promote activities and increase the productivity of this organization

Organizational Values

Emphasizing empathy, convergence, and cooperation among members,

  • Paying attention to justice and equality among members in the Forum’s approaches and performance,
  • Adhering to the criteria and indicators of good urban governance,
  • Making efforts to protect the lives, property, and interests of citizens,
  • Having respect for human and civil rights,
  • Protecting the environment and adhering to the principles of sustainable development,
  • Having respect for the biological, cultural, political, ethnic, racial, religious and linguistic diversity of Asian citizens and nations,
  • Emphasizing the principle of responsibility and social participation of citizens in the management of cities,
  • Emphasizing sharing and managing information, experiences, and knowledge of members and social capital of cities and citizens.