Resume of Dr. Alireza Zakani

Dr. Alireza Zakani

Mayor of Tehran

Dr. Alireza Zakani was born in Tehran on March 3, 1970. He is a principled politician and the current mayor of Tehran. Priory, to his election as the mayor of Tehran, he was the Member of Islamic Parliament of Iran (Majlis) from city of Qom, simultaneously, the head of the Research Center of the Islamic Parliament of Iran.
Dr. Zakani is a medical doctor specialized in nuclear medicine, and also a member faculty in Tehran University of Medical Sciences .  membership in the Supreme Council of the Iranian Red Crescent Society have been among his previous executive responsibilities.
He has also represented Tehran in the seventh, eighth and ninth terms of the Iran Islamic Parliament, and chaired the Special Commission for Review the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCOPA) in the Ninth term of Parliament. Dr. Zakani also has a history in press and media activities. He was elected as the mayor of Tehran by the Islamic City Council of Tehran on August 8, 2021, and after the government issued a decree, he officially has been started working as the mayor of Tehran on September 1, 2021.