Asian Mayors Forum Executive Board meet in Tajik capital

Asian Mayors Forum Executive Board meet in Tajik capital

The 8th meeting of Asian Mayors Forum Executive Board was held in Tajikistan capital city, Dushanbe, on March 8, on the sidelines of AMF General Assembly.
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The two-hour meeting had top municipal officials from dozens of Asian cities in attendance, including AMF Secretary General Goshtasb Mozafari, Director of Tehran Municipality Center for International Communications and Affairs Abdolmotahar Mohammadkhani, and the Deputy of International Affairs of the Municipality of Tehran Hamidreza Gholamzadeh as well as deputy of Executive Body of State Authority of Dushanbe and officials from Municipality of Mashhad. 
Officials from cities of Ankara, Antalya, Gaziantep Bangkok, Kazan, Semnan, Urmia, Shiraz, and Zahedan also attended the session online.
Presenting the three-year term’s reports on AMF activities, its budget, its membership fee, and AMF Award were on agenda for the 8th meeting of Executive Board. In this regard, Mr. Mohammadkhani, on behalf of Mayor of Tehran Dr. Alireza Zakani, delivered a report on Tehran Municipality’s support for AMF as its founder. The session also saw speeches from municipal officials of Mashhad, Shiraz, and Gaziantep. 
The meeting also handed over the presidency of the Asian Mayors Forum to Dushanbe mayor, Mr. Rustam Emomali, honoring the efforts of former president, Ms. Fatma Şahin, the mayor of Turkish city of Gaziantep.

The session also included speeches by officials of member cities and voting for new members and next host cities.

  • Asian Mayors Forum Executive Board meet in Tajik capital