The 7TH meeting of Asian Mayors Forum   The 7TH meeting of Asian Mayors Forum

The 7TH meeting of Asian Mayors Forum The 7TH meeting of Asian Mayors Forum

Sunday، 13 September 2020 | Article Rating

Shiraz Municipality is to hold the first international sculpture symposium in February and March 2020 in the city of culture and literature, Shiraz-Iran.

Shiraz international symposium is open to all eligible sculptors, artists, and designers with established CV in attending sculpture symposiums. The event's application deadline is on January 21, and the results will be announced on January 30. Interested artists can refer to the symposium website http://www.sis1398.com for more detailed information and send an inquiry to the secretariat (info@sis1398.com). The organizers are to reach the following goals:

  • Proposing a common language for social interactions by making artworks.
  • Restoring the urban spaces using artistic creations.
  • Representing international and national ideas in urban monuments and sculptures.
  • Creating artistic and professional contacts between sculptors, artisans, and designers
  • Reviving and promoting literary and cultural heritage.

The symposium's award is 2000 USD, symposium symbol, and diploma which will be dedicated to the winners on March 13, 2020. The poster representation ceremony of Shiraz International Sculpture Symposium was held on December 3, 2019. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Shiraz, a group of parliamentarians, members of the Shiraz City Council, deputy mayors and a group of artists. Mehrdad Iravanian as the chairman of the jury, Soulmaz Dehghani as the head of the Tourism Commission of the City Council and Heidar Eskandarpour as the Mayor of Shiraz had a speech in this event. Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province about 40 Km from Persepolis the historical capital of the Persian empire and with 240 Km2, is located in the southwest of Iran at the altitude of 1480 up to 1670 meters. Shiraz has been known as the city of literature being home to many poets such as Saadi, Hafiz, Jahan Malek Khatoon (a Famous Iranian Female poet in 14th Century), etc. Also, several contemporary Iranian litterateurs speaking Farsi in Shirazi accent live here. Shiraz is the home of one of Iran's most valuable art styles called the Shiraz School of Art, which has led to the creation of outstanding artworks of miniature, Toreutics, Qashani, Stucco, Āina-kāri (mirror-working), wood carving, Khatam, sculpture, etc. The “gol-e-morq” (Bird and Flower) style of art started from such a School of Art.

  •   The 7TH meeting of Asian Mayors Forum   The 7TH meeting of Asian Mayors Forum