The Third General Assembly

  • Prepared By: The Asian Mayors Forum Permanent Secretariat
  • Tehran - December 2012


The Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) was established by the initiative of honorable Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the Mayor of Tehran in 2008. Mayors and Authorities of 89 Asian cities participated in Tehran General Assembly and the participants chose “Asia for Citizens: Integration for A Better Life” as the motto of the meeting. The Second General Assembly of the AMF was hosted on 1-2 April, 2012, by Metropolitan of Istanbul. “Impacts of the Global Financial Crisis on the Economies of Asian Cities” was the main subject of the event. A total number of 51 Asian and European mayors, 128 senior experts from Asian municipalities, members of Asian city councils as well as representatives of 10 international bodies and organizations attended this meeting. In this meeting important organizational decisions were taken and members of the AMF Executive Board were appointed for a period of two years. The first meeting of the members of the AMF Executive Board took place in the Thai capital, Bangkok, on the 1st. and 2nd. of February, 2012. Within this meeting, the budget of the Secretariat and the annual membership fee of members were unanimously approved. The main issues of the AMF permanent Commissions were discussed, including Common Challenges, City-to-City Cooperation, and Local Governance. Also, the proposal by the city of Bangkok to the host the Third General Assembly of the Asian Mayors Forum was approved.

The Third General Assembly of Asian Mayors Forum

The Third General Assembly of AMF was hosted on 28 – 29 November, 2012, by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The main theme of was “Local Governance: Urban Initiatives, for Progress & Justice”. Participants from 38 Asian cities and Metropolitans as well as representatives from a number of International organizations including Ahwaz, Alquds Al-Sharif, Ankara, Baalbek, Bangkok, Bishkek, Colombo, Dhaka, Gaziantep, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Islamabad, Istanbul, Karaj, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Lahore, Madaripur, Manama, North Delhi, Penang, Qom, Ramallah, Rasht, Shiraz, South Delhi, Surabaya, Tabriz, Tehran, Urmia, Vientiane, United Cities and Local Government (UCLG/ASPAC, UCLG/MEWA), Metropolis, UNESCAP, UN-HABITAT, D-8, and Municipal League of Thailand took part in the plenary and the three main commissions sessions.

Opening Ceremony:

In the opening session Mr. Sukhumbhand Paribarta, as the host and the new president of the Forum, Mr. Tansel Kaya representative of Dr. Kadir Topbaş, as the outgoing president, Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, as the initiator of the whole process as well as Mr. Mohammad Khodadadi, the Secretary General of the AMF Permanent Secretariat, addressed the Assembly. The Secretary General of the United Nations and the Secretary General of ASEAN also sent messages to the Third Meeting of the AMF General Assembly.

Plaques of Appreciation

The Governor Bangkok also awarded Plaques of Appreciation to the representative of the outgoing president, the initiator and founder of the Forum and the Secretary General of AMF, before presiding over the substantive session of the General Assembly.

Excerpts from the Remarks by M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribarta

the Distinguished Governor of Bangkok and host of the Third General Assembly of AMF

M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribarta welcomed all participants and noted that "The Asian Mayors Forum was envisioned and initiated by the Honorable Mayor of Tehran, with the main objective of providing all mayors or governors of cities around Asia with a forum to exchange their ideas and experiences as well as to promote mutual support and strong bond among the members amid the dynamism in the globalization and competitions among regions. Such mechanism of cooperative network has become a necessity for cities to sustainably develop and thrive in this modern competitive world." He also added that "The meeting will surely be a very good opportunity for all leaders, experts and operating officials to share their valuable experiences and drawn from many cities. They will also express their opinions and make some inquires that will certainly be useful for developing their respective cities."

Excerpts from the Remarks by Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf

the Distinguished Mayor of Tehran and Founder of the Asian Mayors Forum

Dr. Ghalibaf referring to the AMF noted that "the approach of equity and prosperity for human society, particularly sustainability of urban settlements in the 21st century are in need of such regional institutions worldwide." He added that "prosperity is the pivotal element of modern history philosophy. Based on this outlook, by negating the static and traditional model in history, human being is the factor and builder of universe and succeeds in checking the living environment and its surroundings. It is in this concept that prosperity leads to human perfection and excellence mutually." He also added that "equity will always bring sustainability to prosperity and its continuity in human society."
Dr. Ghalibaf while underlining his dedication to Asian geography and civilization of this ancient land, extended an invitation to member cities to participate in the Tehran festival on research innovations in urban management to share and exchange their experiences based on prosperity and equity, to be held at the end of December.

Excerpts from the Remarks by Mr. Mohammad Khodadadi

the Distinguished Secretary General of the Asian Mayors Forum

We are living in a world that is becoming more urban on one hand and more globalized on the other. Never in the history have such a high percentage of people lived in cities and people around the world have never been as connected as we are today. In today`s world, cooperation among cities promises great advantages in tackling shared problems and finding solutions to their common challenges. This Forum is just four years old! It has achieved a lot in this short period .It has brought together distinguished mayors, authorities, and decision-makers from over fifty cities and international organizations in Asia for last General assemblies.

Excerpts from the Video Message by Dr. Kadir Topbaş

the Distinguished Mayor of Istanbul and the Second President of the Asian Mayors Forum

Dr. Kadir Topbaş named the AMF as the "Assembly of Friends" and added "We are like the different branches of a single tree." He noted that "We have to come up with rapid solutions to the challenges that we have. And the Asian continent possesses a particular feature in that context since it is where urbanization has the largest density." He also added "We have at our doorsteps crisis and opportunity together. We, the managers of Asian cities, now come to a critical turn. We can leave a better world for the coming generations. We have the chance to create opportunities out of crisis. Under this roof, many significant steps have been taken so far. We have demonstrated the influence of city diplomacy."

The Message of H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon

the distinguished Secretary General of United Nations

It gives me great pleasure to greet the honourable mayors and others participating in this forum. Cities continue to lead the way as laboratories of innovation and drivers of sustainable development. With more and more people living in urban areas, the road to global sustainability, peace and progress runs through the world's cities and towns. And with Asia’s city dwellers responsible for more than 80 per cent of the region’s gross domestic product, Asian cities are major engines of growth for the global economy. Mayors everywhere are making important contributions on a spectrum of urgent challenges. Your engagement has illustrated the key role that cities and towns can play in eradicating poverty, protecting the natural environment and mitigating disaster risks. You have shown how we can save resources and promote greater dignity and equity by using less fuel for urban transport; greening our buildings; promoting resilient communities and good governance and ensuring a decent urban living environment for all. But you also know first-hand that our work is not done, and that rapid unplanned urban expansion continues to cause suffering and instability. I therefore encourage you to work closely with UN-Habitat -- the organization that represents your issues within the UN system, and with ESCAP, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. UN-Habitat’s “I’m a City Changer” campaign can help you to keep on pushing for sound national urban strategies and balanced regional development policies. Your voices will also be crucial in discussions on the post-2015 development agenda, and I am very glad that Mayor Topbaş of Istanbul is a member of the High Level Panel that I have established to guide this hugely important undertaking. I also look forward to your engagement as we prepare for the Habitat III conference, to be held in 2016 – a major opportunity to set a new ‘urban agenda’. The United Nations wants to work with you even more closely than we do already. By building more sustainable cities and regions, you can help lead us to the future we want. Thank you for your expertise, commitment and vision. I wish you successful deliberations.

Excerpts from the Video Message by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan

the Distinguished Secretary General of ASEAN

Dr. Pitsuwan referring to the AMF noted that "The theme and topic that would be discussed was very important and everyone should pay attention. It is the role of cities to improve people, good governance, and service. More cities in Asia are being developed in globalization. The challenge is how to keep up with demand for infrastructure, with expectation that cities can provide service to improve the quality of life. Good governance is one way. The participants will make issues on policy that affects their lives. It also guarantees that high level of justice will be given to people because people know best when or what they want from the city and in what order. With limited resources, related parties must prioritize and open larger space for people to participate in decision-making process. As Asia is going to be the new center of growth, the continent will be facing a lot of challenges, such as poverty. Sustainability and fragility of environment must be protected and maintained. This is an opportunity for the participants to compare best practices, share challenges they are facing, and help them understand challenges better and prepare better."

Presidency Handover Ceremony:

The Presidency of AMF was handed over from Istanbul to Bangkok for a new term of two years and all the participants wished success for M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribarta, the distinguished Governor of Bangkok and the new President of Asian Mayors Forum. According to the charter of AMF the term president rotates every two yers.

Substantive Work of the General Assembly

The Substantive work of the Meeting was organized in deliberations in a plenary setting and more focused discussions within three main commissions. During the deliberations on 28 and 29 November 2012, the Mayors of South Delhi, Urmia, Gaziantep, Qom, Karaj, Madaripur, Rasht, Tabriz and representatives from Lahore, Guangzhou, Al Quds Al Sharif, Tabriz, and Dhaka addressed the meeting. The Mayor of Gaza, who could not attend the meeting because of the new attacks by Israel, had also sent a message to the General Assembly which was delivered by Secretary General of Manama Municipal Council. Ms. Agnès Bickart, as the special representative of Mr. Alain Le Saux, the Secretary General of Metropolis, also delivered his message expressing his will in sharing the information and expanding mutual co-operation with the AMF.
The discussions in the commissions were focused on three main topics:

  • Common Challenges to Asian Cities
  • City to City Cooperation
  • Local Governance and Public Participation.

Upon requests by many Mayors and Representatives of the AMF Member Cities who participated in the Third General Assembly, it was decided to combine the sessions of the three AMF Standing Commissions in one full session in order to provide opportunities for smaller delegations to participate in all three Commissions and make further interaction among delegations possible. The full session, chaired by Dr.Vallop Suwandee, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, and Mr.Jasim Redha, Secretary General of Manama Municipal Council, and supported by Secretary General of AMF and his team was held on 28 November, 2012, and a brief report of the deliberations and conclusions under each Commission follows:

Commission I: Common Challenges to Asian Cities

The Mayors and Representatives of Shiraz, Urmia, Tabriz, Lahore, Kuwait City, Hu Chi Mineh City, Tehran, and Qom spoke on this subject. References were made to the relation between local and central government and problems arising thereof. The Mayor of Tabriz emphasized on the importance of sustainability of financial resources for implementation of development projects and briefly explained his experience in turning any project into a profit making project in order to get the private sector involved with further development of cities. The Mayor of Lahore noted the importance of sharing experiences and getting to know the successful samples and the representative of Hu Chi Mineh City suggested the creation of a disaster relief fund as means of more integrated cooperation of Asian cities in dealing with common challenges. The Mayor of Qom referred to ever more expansion of big cities and raised the possibility of regional municipality as a way of dealing with challenges going beyond the extent of one single city. The representative of Tehran briefed the meeting of Tehran's achievements in devising and implementing a sustainable transportation network and emphasized that Traffic congestion as a challenge cannot be solved and needs to be managed through establishing a sustainable transportation system and a human-oriented city. Tehran also expressed its readiness to host an ad hoc Committee in cooperation with AMF to share its experiences with other member cities and prepare a data bank of Asian projects to advise the best sustainable urban transportation solutions to the Asian cities at the AMF events.

Commission II: City to City Cooperation

Mayors and representative of Tehran, Guangzhou, Islamabad, Baalbek, Lahore, Dhaka, Kuwait City, Rasht and Urmia addressed the meeting on this subject. The representative of Tehran in a statement dealt with expansion of direct city to city relations and proposed to the meeting to consider and recognize popular associations of Asian citizens as an important pillar of AMF. While inviting the AMF support for any media networking within the framework of Asian cities, he also proposed the consideration of an annual AMF award for personalities taking effective steps in efforts to promote interaction between Asian cities and citizens. Other speakers while expressing interest and support for the idea of expansion of relations between Asian citizen, emphasized on the importance of creation of a data bank of experiences and best practices in implementation of city projects in order to help other member cities to have access to such experiences. The representative from Kuwait City raised the importance of networking Asian cities and the Mayor of Urmia asked the AMF Secretariat to take steps in creation of such data bank. The representative of Tehran, in reaction to the shared interest in creation of such a repository of information on city projects, informed the meeting that should the necessary input be provided by member cities, Tehran municipality will be ready to provide the expertise for creation of such data bank.

Commission III: Local Governance and Public Participation

Mayors and representatives from Tehran, Urmia, Islamabad, Bangladesh and Baalbek took the floor under this subject. The representative of Tehran had an in depth presentation of Tehran's experience in decentralization of city affairs through "Neighborhood Management Project". In his presentation he explained how elected representatives of each neighborhood are involved in better management of area specific issues. Other speakers expressed interest and appreciation for the presentation and sharing of such successful experiences with other member cities. The representative of Islamabad also informed the meeting on how Islamabad has succeeded in encouraging public participation through public ownership of major city projects. The Mayor of Urmia also noted the use of information technology for promotion of culture of urban life. The broadest common understandings and views of member cities expressed in the commissions are reflected in the Bangkok Declaration.

Organizational Matters

Following the focused discussions in the three main commissions, the General Assembly also dealt with the reports from the Executive Board and the Secretary General on their activities since last year. In this meeting the General Assembly was informed on the preparations underway on the budgetary and financial regulations of the Secretariat as well as the Executive Board's decision on the required contributions by member cities.

Chairman of General Assembly

The Secretariat of AMF informed the member cities that it will send some invoice type communications to all those who have not so far paid their membership fees. It also informed the General Assembly that the Secretariat will submit a "Draft Financial Regulation" for consideration and decision by the Executive Board before its next meeting and until then the Secretariat will use available funds from contributions of member cities to cover the expenses reflected in its annual budget and approved by the Executive Board. It was also added that records of such expenditures will naturally be meticulously held for any accounting and auditing.

Final Report of Executive Board

The Executive Board of Asian Mayors Forum also met in preparation for the Third Meeting of the General Assembly on 27 November 2012 in Bangkok. In this meeting the members' discussions focused on the followings:

  • a. Report of AMF Annual Budget & Membership Fee
  • b. Adoption of AMF Fourth General Assembly Venue AMF
  • c. Executive Board Members Election
  • d. Adoption of Second AMF Executive Board Meeting Venue

Executive Board Meeting

  • a. On the Annual Budget and Membership Fee, some members expressed their support for setting a flat fixed membership fee and some other members questioned the sufficiency of the membership fees for meeting expenses. The Secretariat sought the views of the members on how to best encourage timely payment of the membership fees. Based on the proposals by members of the Executive Board, the Secretariat was instructed to send some invoice type letters to all those member cities that have not so far paid their membership fee and request their fulfillment of their financial obligations for 2011 and 2012.
  • b. On the question of the AMF Forth General Assembly Venue, the representative of Kuwait City expressed his city's interest in hosting the Forth General Assembly in 2014. The Executive Board, content with Kuwait City's candidacy, decided that should there be no other serious candidates in the Third Meeting of the General Assembly; Kuwait City would be selected as the AMF Forth General Assembly Venue.
  • c. On the Election of Executive Board Members, it was decided that all current members of the Executive Board who have expressed an interest to remain as such, will continue to be a member. It was also agreed that the requests for membership and participation in the work of the Executive Board as observers will be also welcome.
  • d. On the question of Second AMF Executive Board Meeting Venue discussions where held on the necessary arrangements for holding the Executive Board meetings and possibility to create some incentives to encourage potential volunteers. The Executive Board will continue discussions on the issue.

On the question of the Fourth Meeting of AMF General Assembly Venue , following the announcement of the Secretariat on the expressions of desire by Kuwait City and Lahore to host the event, Representatives from both member cities addressed the Assembly and ultimately the Representative of Lahore withdrew its candidacy while stressing Lahore's interest to host any of the future meetings of the Forum.

On the question of election of the members of the Executive Board, the General Assembly elected the following 21 member cities Ankara, Baalbek, Bangkok (President), Bishkek, Colombo, Gaza, Gaziantep, Ghobeiry, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Karaj, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Lahore, Manama, Nigata, Qom, Shiraz, South Delhi, Surabaya, Tehran as the full members of the Executive Board and Al-Qods Al-Sharif, Baghdad, Dhaka, Doha, Guangzhou, Kabul, Kazan, Penang, Vientiane, UCLG/ASPAC, UCLG/MEWA, Metropolis, UNESCAP, UN-HABITAT, and D-8 as the observer members of the Executive Board for the next two years until the Forth Meeting of the AMF General Assembly. The cities of Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Kuwait, and Tehran were also elected as the members of the financial committee for the next two years.

On the question the venue of next meeting of the Executive Board,the cities that the Secretariat of AMF received their expressions of desire to host the event were Ahwaz, Tabriz, Karaj, Urmia, Dhaka, Gaziantep, Tehran, Qom, South Delhi, Colombo, Rasht, and Manama. The Secretariat of AMF will consider the applications and announce the host city.

List of Participants in the Second Executive Board Meeting
No. City Country Participants
1. Bangkok Thailand Dr. Vallop Suwandee
2. Gaziantep Turkey Dr. Asım GUZELBEY
3. Ho chi Minh city Vietnam
  • Mr. Tuan Nguyen
  • Ms. Ngoc Thi Bich Tran
4. Istanbul Turkey 5. Mr. Tansel Kaya 6. Mr. Selamettin Ermis
5. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Datuk Zulkifli Ibrahim
6. Kuwait City Kuwait Mr. Farez Al-dihani, Mr. Mizyad Al-Mutairi
7. Manama Bahrain Mr. Jasim Redha
8. Shiraz Iran Mr. Mohammad Hasan Assadi, Mr. Ramazan Amini
9. South Delhi India
  • Mrs. Savita Gupta
  • Mr. Virenda Singh Yadar
10.    Surabaya  Indonesia Mr. Sukamto Hadi, Mr. Ifron Hady Susanto
11.    Tehran Iran Mr.Goshtasb Mozaffari
12.    UCLG/MEWA   Mr. Mehmet Duman
13.  9 AMF Secretariat   Mr. Mohammad Khodadadi, Dr. Masoud Islami, Mr.Hamid Eslamizad, Mr.Behdad AbdollahiMr.Ehsan TousiGhavam

Text of the Bangkok Declaration Adopted with consensus on November 29, 2012

We, Mayors and Authorities of Asian citiesconvened in the Third Meeting of the General Assembly of the Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) under the theme of "Local Governance: Urban Initiatives for Progress & Justice" on November 28th and 29th2012, in Bangkok, Thailand;

Observingthe path covered so far, namely the First Meeting of the AMF in Tehran in November 2008 and the Second Meeting of the AMF in Istanbul in April 2011, and emphasizing the continued relevance and validity of Declarations adopted therein;

Appreciating the generous and continuing support provided by Tehran Municipality, under the leadership of Honorable Dr. Mohammad Ghalibaf, to the AMF Secretariat since 2008;

Recognizing with appreciation the valuable efforts made by Honorable Dr. Kadir Topbaş, the distinguished Mayor of Istanbul in promoting the work of AMF during his AMF Presidency since 2011,

Expressing appreciation and gratitude to Honorable M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribarta, the distinguished Governor of Bangkok for the gracious support extended to the Forum as well as the generous hospitability accorded to all delegations attending the Third AMF General Assembly;

Considering the constructive efforts made by the AMF General Secretariat in organizing this meeting and preparing the documents needed for deliberation and decision by the delegations of Member Cities;

  • Remain cognizant of dire need for enhancement of local governance institutions in our cities; reinforcement of initiatives for urban progress and sustainable development in Asia; as well as promoting further prosperity, equity, and justice for Asian cities and citizens.
  • dentify the following as priority areas for further collaboration of member cities in the next two years:
    • a. further use of information technology and on-line communication by AMF including upgrading the Secretariat’s website and developing a data bank of documents and reports on successful urban projects from all Member cities;
    • b. Facilitating further economic cooperation among Asian cities with particular emphasis on investment opportunities and project financing;
    • c. Further exchange of experience and sharing best practices in urban management particularly in public transportation, managing natural disasters, and facilitating public participation and engaging neighborhood councils;
    • d. Empowering local players, including NGOs, media networks, individual activists, in fostering good governance;
  • Emphasize the extended possibilities provided through progressive expansion of e-governance in favor of downsizing central governments and enhancing effective urban management resulting in promotion of good governance at local and national levels.
  • Encourage all Members to further engage in bilateral as well as multilateral city-to-city cooperation with a view to expanding the scope of sharing their best practices and competitive innovations in urban management.
  • Call Upon all Members to further contribute and collaborate on initiating an information portal on the Internet linking all Asian Cities with a view to facilitating the sharing of experiences and best practices in urban management.
  • Request the Secretary-General to continue his communication with all Members in pursuing the materialization of the AMF information portal and enhancing the efficiency of the AMF website.
  • Request the Secretary-General to prepare a report on modalities required for establishing AMF Awards to be granted on competitive and expert evaluation bases to the most successful accomplishments by member cities within the scope of activities of the three AMF Standing Commissions, and submit it to the next meeting of the Executive Board for consideration.
  • Welcome the proposal by Tehran Municipality to establish an ad hoc working group comprising all volunteer members to identify ways and means for developing a data bank on urban traffic and transportation with a human-oriented perspective and call upon Members to share their knowledge and experiences with this working group.
  • Confirm the decision by the Executive Board on the Secretariat's annual budget and call upon AMF members to provide their respective membership fees, as well as voluntary contributions, in due time.
  • Decide to authorize the AMF Secretary-General to utilize resources available through members’ contributions in fulfillment of his tasks within the AMF annual budget. The Secretariat’s expenses will be duly reported to the Financial Committee for its consideration and auditing.
  • Welcome the generous proposition by Honorable Mr. Farez Al-Dihani, the Head of Delegation from Kuwait city to host the next AMF General Assembly and decide to convene the Fourth AMF General Assembly in 2014 in Kuwait City, and request the Secretary-General to provide all necessary services and coordination required for the successful organization of the said meeting.
  • Welcome further the valuable propositions made by Honorable Mrs. Savita Gupta, distinguished Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation; Honorable Mr. Namdar Sedaghat, Director General for Public and International Relations of the Municipality of Tehran; Honorable Mr. Jasim Redha, the Secretary General of Manama Municipality Council; and Honorable Mr. Asim Guzelbey, the distinguished Mayor of Gaziantep for undertaking to host the AMF Executive Board meetings in 2013 and 2014 respectively, and request the Secretary-General to provide all necessary services and coordination required for the successful organization of the meetings aforementioned.
  • This Declaration was adopted on 29 November 2012 in Bangkok by the plenary session of the AMF General Assembly.

Side Events

  • Mayors and representatives of a good number of Asian cities participated in the meeting and could successfully implement all tasks as provided by the Agenda.
  • The Governor of Bangkok hosted Dinner Cruise on the night of Loy Krathong on November 28, 2012. Loy Krathong is a festival celebrated annually throughout Thailand and certain parts of Laos and Burma (in the Shan State). The name could be translated "Floating Crown" or "Floating Decoration", and comes from the tradition of making buoyant decorations which are then floated on a river. Loy Krathong takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. The guests had the opportunity to make a Loy Krathong wish.
  • The Governor of Bangkok also hosted Farewell Dinner on November 29, 2012, at the Okura Hotel.
  • The perfect organization of the meeting and generous hospitality of the host was appreciated by all participants.
  • Many delegations expressed their appreciations to the Mayor of Tehran for their continued support of the Forum and dedication of a new prestigious office to the Permanent Secretariat of AMF in Tehran.
  • Very successful and fruitful bilateral meetings were also held between the different mayors and other participants on the sideline of the Meeting.
  • The Meeting drew vast media coverage in the host city and many member cities.
  • The Secretariat recalled the need for the payment of the required membership fees as approved by the Executive Board and expressed hopes for full self sufficiency of the Secretariat
  • The four cities of Ankara, Ho Chi Minh, Tehran, and Urmia had their desk at the Exhibition. In spite of informing all the participants on this opportunity, just a few of them took this opportunity to present their cities.
  • In line with expansion of Asian cities co-operations, the Mayor of Tehran and Governor of Bangkok signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Friendship and Cooperation Agreement
  • The Mayor of Qom paid a visit to the City of Ayutthaya and the tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Qomi who travelled from Iran to this city about 400 years ago. The cities of Qom and Ayutthaya are finalizing the process of signing an agreement of sisterhood.
  • A visit to Klong Pittayalongkorn School was arranged by Bangkok metropolitan administration for November 30, 2012. This is a public school that trains the children to study and at the same time learn some professions such as producing fabric and run a frog farm to be economically sufficient.
List of the Delegates to the Third General Assembly
No. City Country Participants
1 Ahwaz Iran Mr.Mohammad Javid Ashrafi, Mr.Davood Derabi
2 Alquds Al Sharif Palestine Mr. Mazin Nashashibi
3 Ankara Turkey Mr. Lokman Erturk, Mr. Ramazan Kabasakal
4 Baalbek Lebanon Mr. Hachem Osman, Mr. Fadl Murtada
5 Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Mr. Bakytbek Osmonovich, Mr. Almazbek Abdykarov
6 Colombo Sri Lanka Mr. K.M. Kabir Ahmed, Mr. A.S.M. Emdadud Dastagir, Mr. Mohammad Sirajul Islam
7 Dhaka Bangladesh Mr. K.M. Kabir Ahmed, Mr. A.S.M. Emdadud Dastagir, Mr. Mohammad Sirajul Islam
8 Gaziantep Turkey Dr. Asım GUZELBEY
9 Guangzhou China Mr. Wang Fuchun, Mr. Zhou Jun
10 Ho chi Minh city Vietnam Mr. Tuan Nguyen, Mrs. Luong Thi Hien Nguyen, Mrs. Ngoc Thi Bich Tran
11 Islamabad Pakistan Mr. Syed Hasan Rizvi
12 Istanbul Turkey Mr. Tansel Kaya, Mr. Selamettin Ermis
13 Karaj Iran Mr. Seyed Ali Aghazadeh, Mr. Reza Sharififerdoei, Mr. Mohammad Reze Rezapoor, Mr. Hassan Modirrosta, Mr. Mostafa Khodabin
14 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Datuk Zulkifli Ibrahim, Mr.Khairulazlan Hajirahmat, Mr. Dasaratha Rao
15 Kuwait City Kuwait Mr. Farez Al-dihani, Mr. Ahmed Albeghili, Mr. Mizyad Al-Mutairi, Mr. Rasheid Al-Azmi, Mr. Shaher Al-Mutairi
16 Lahore Pakistan Mr. Khawaja Ahmad Hassan, Khizar Hayat Gondal
17 Madaripur Bangladesh Mr. Md. Khalid Hossain, Mr. Anayet Hossain, Mr. Md. Sirajul Alom Khan
18 Manama Bahrain Mr. Jasim Redha
19 North Delhi India Mrs. Mira Aggarwal, Dr. Vogender Kumar Ahandolia, Mr.Shahid Mohammad Atahar Khan
20 Penang Malaysia Ms. Patahiyah Ismail, Mr. Zainuddin Mohamad Shariff, Mr. Mohamad Ghous B. Ibrahim
21 Qom Iran Mr. Mohammad Delbari, Mr.Ali Haji Reza, Mr. Abolfazl Chaboki, Mrs. Touba Hejazi Tanghanaki
22 Ramallah Palestine Mr Musa Hadid
23 Rasht Iran Mr. Mohammad Ali Sabet Ghadam
24 Shiraz Iran Mr. Mohammad Hasan Assadi, Mr. Ramazan Amini
25 South Delhi India Mrs. Savita Gupta, Mr. Rajesh Gahlot, Mr. Virenda Singh Yadar
26 Surabaya Indonesia Mr. Sukamto Hadi, Mr. Ifron Hady Susanto, Mr. Irvan Widyanto
27 Tabriz Iran Mr. Davoud Nadim Alghalandis, Mr. Mohammadreza Ghorbanian Tabrizi, Mr. Yaghoub Vahidkia
28 Tehran Iran Mr.Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Mr.Namdar Sedaghat Samarchini, Mr.Goshtasb Mozaffari, Mr.Ramin Akbari, Mr.Mahmoud Askari Azad, Mr.Alireza Dabir, Mr.Mohammad-Reza Arash, Mr.Ali-Asghar Farajollahi
30 Urima Iran Mr. Mohammad Hazratpour, Mr. Golamreza Adldoust, Mr. Parviz Jilili, Mr. Taghi Farhoudi, Mr. Esmat Gerami, Mr. Azad Sakhidel Hovasin, Mr.Esmat Fattahi
31 Vientiane Laos Mr. Saythong Keodouangdy, Mr. Bounpheng Sitthisak, Mr. Somvang Kansanga
32 D-8   Mr. Zulhendri Abdullah, Mr. Omer Asim Aksoy
33 Metropolis   Mrs. Agnes Charlotte Bickart
34 UNESCAP (Thailand)   Mr.Donovan Stuart Storey
35 UN- HABITAT (Thailand)   Mr.Ilija Gubic
36 UCLG/ASPAC   Mr. Rudolf Hauter
37 UCLG/MEWA   Mr. Mehmet Duman
38 Municipal League of Thailand   Mr.Suriya Yeekhan, Mr.Worawut Sornmun
39 AMF Secretariat   Mr. Mohammad Khodadadi, Dr. Masoud Islami, Mr.Hamid Eslamizad, Mr.Behdad Abdollahi, Mr.Ehsan TousiGhavam