Transportation & Traffic of Asian Cities

This Committee is the first specialized committee formed in the Asian Mayors Forum (2013 Bangkok) which has been formed under the responsibility of the Deputy of Transportation and Traffic of Tehran Municipality. Meetings of this Committee are usually well received by the members, mayors and city managers due to the importance of infrastructure and public transportation systems. At the last general session of the Forum (Gaziantep, 2018), special attention was paid to the Committee. According to the reports presented at the meeting of this committee, goals such as introducing the capabilities, capacities, and needs of Iran and the metropolis of Tehran in the field of transportation, creating an international database of urban transportation to facilitate access for managers, experts and researchers in the field of urban management, gathering experiences and knowledge of international organizations, prominent experts and officials active in the field of urban transportation, attracting financial capital, improving technical and managerial knowledge of managers and urban experts in the field of transportation and traffic are being pursued.