AMF Women's Commitee Report- Part 1

AMF Women's Commitee Report- Part 1

Saturday، 05 December 2020 | Article Rating

Koucheye Dousti, also known as Alleys of Companionship, as a cooperative plan, it could lead to a powerful tool to create strong relations among cities,  citizens , social environments by the help of women and children creating various works of art in urban atmospheres. The propagation of art within cities, in addition to developing and expanding visual aesthetic for citizens, it provides the sense of commitment to the locals and empowers the identity of places which results in having more interest among citizens. 
Therefore, this project as a distinguished urban experiment, by the participation of women and children in making the living more livable, would be considered as a constructive and repetitive model for other participatory-local projects at the micro level. The implementation process of this project was as follows;
Phase1; Analysis of neighborhood characteristics and selecting an alley by managers and social facilitators.
Phase2; Forming a think tank with the presence of social facilitators;

 1. Informing the residents of alleys, mosques, schools and neighborhood halls, etc. to attract people who are interested in beautifying alleys.
 2. Forming a steering team of actions consisting of the manager of neighborhood, the mosque representative and three residents' delegates.
 3. Establishing a think tank with beautification issues to attract voluntary social participation of women and children
 4. Extracting and confirming the final idea
Phase3; Calling for participation in designing and implementing the idea  (by prioritizing the residents of neighborhood)
Phase4; Confirming the final idea

Reviewing the received designs and selecting the best design based on the announced indicators

Approval of the final design by the General Directorate of Women's Affairs and the Deputy for Social and Cultural Affairs after coordinating the design with the Regional Beautification Department
Phase5; Participatory implementation

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