AMF Women's Commitee Report- Part 1

AMF Women's Commitee Report- Part 1

Saturday، 05 December 2020 | Article Rating

Many parts of Tehran are not safe for women due to lack of safety and security in urban areas. This gets doubled during nights an also the quiet hours of the day even on holidays. Insecurity resulting from being in inappropriate urban spaces in addition to reducing the freedom of movement of women and girls in the city reduces their access to essential services. Therefore, many women's social, occupational, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities would be limited. Hence, the General Director of Women's Affairs has put the identification and location of high-risk places for women to travel and eliminate them in 22 districts on the agenda. To achieve these goals, the project "Identification of insecure and defenseless areas for the presence of women in urban spaces" was implemented as a pilot in District 10. In the first step, by using and accessing the available potential of the Office of Social and Cultural Studies, a study was conducted to identify insecure and defenseless areas in District 10. In this study, a number of social facilitators, using the technique of conversation and forming focused groups with the residents of the neighborhood, achieved a set of examples of street harassment in three categories of physical, verbal and psychological as well as physical ones. In order to reevaluate and assess the counted instances of street harassment in District 10, as well as facilitating the awareness-raising process among the implementers and also making the necessary arrangements to implement the anticipated measurements, several meetings were held with the influential and knowledgeable experts of this area including District mayors, deputies as well as district mayors. The results of these meetings were put on the agenda of the region as an executive program (elimination of dangerous spaces). Finally, the program was implemented in two phases; In the first phase, the identification of points with considered criteria was taken seriously- these criteria should not be long-term and costly, they should also be compatible with the potential abilities and equipment available in the region, they should be efficient and accessible, and also based on prioritizing measures which were taken by the municipality of District 10 within a period of month. In the second phase, the removal of defenseless insecure spaces in the area behind Nawab Highway was implemented in three districts including 1, 2 and 3

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